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Philadelphia Flower Show/Longwood Gardens

The PHS Philadelphia Flower Show is an annual event at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in March. It is the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show, attracting more than 260,000 people annually. The Show features large-scale gardens, elaborate landscapes, and over-the-top floral creations.

Visitor Suggestions

First time to the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show? Here are some tips to make the most of your experience.

Dress for the occasion.

There’s a lot to see, so comfortable shoes are a must. Dress in layers as it can get chilly on the Show floor.

Take notes.

Jot down the name of plants you like or the contact information of exhibitors, or snap a photo of your favorite exhibits.

Identify yourself.

If you are a PHS member, bring your Membership ID, which entitles you to discounts at the Flower Show Store and other retail locations.

Plan the day.

Check the schedule of events on the Flower Show App, website, or upon arrival at the Convention Center. There are lectures, demonstrations, culinary displays, book signings, and more that you don’t want to miss.

Make a shopping list.

The Flower Show is a shopper’s paradise. Think ahead to spring and what you might want for the months ahead. Throwing  a party? Planning a garden bed? Considering a new hobby? Redecorating a room? Chances are the things you need can be found on the Show floor.

We are staying at the Hampton Inn with a hot breakfast included the next day.

Than we are on to Longwood Gardens with dinner at Binghams (on own) before returning to home.


Please note: No overnight parking at Dryden - TC3 Parking Lot

Trip Details

Departing Mar 6, 2018
Returning Mar 7, 2018

Single Price: $379.00
Double Price: $266.00
Trip Type: Multi Day Tours
Departure Date: Mar 6, 2018
Return Date: Mar 7, 2018

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